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Paris is regarded as the world's most famous tourist destination. The City of Lights, along with Grand Paris and the Ile de France district, is a global business hub with a diverse range of industries. The commercial district of La Défense, the Rungis wholesale store, Charles de Gaulle Airport, and the Villepinte Exhibition and Convention Center are only a few of the centers of this frenzied operation. The Paris Motor Show and the Le Bourget Air Show are two of the world's most famous business events. Parisian vacation.

Paris is a commercial hub.

75 percent of global corporations with more than 500 staff choose Paris as the location for their European headquarters, with all of them based in the La Défense business area.

The offices of the 500 biggest foreign firms in Europe are concentrated in Paris.

Unknown to us, many startup businesses have relocated to downtown, drawn by the high standard of the workers and the city's lifestyle. Station F is also Europe's biggest business incubator, employing 3,000 people. Please take a look at my Paris-based startup.

The French government, 150 embassies, and foreign organizations such as Eutelsat, the European Space Agency, the OECD, Unesco, and Unicef have their headquarters in Paris.

Paris is the world's second-largest city for multinational organization headquarters, after only Brussels and ahead of London and New York City.

With 190 meetings and 773,090 attendees (ICCA statistics), the region was the world's second largest host of foreign association meetings in 2017.

Factual information about Paris

Beautiful skyscrapers can be found in La Défense.

Beautiful skyscrapers can be found in La Défense.

prestigious company show venues

Viparis is responsible for ten of the region's most important convention and exhibition centres, as well as 330 exhibits, 100 concerts, 150 conventions, 620 business activities, and more than 11 million guests. The Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center is home to the city's main exhibits and conferences. Paris Nord Villepinte is the main show center in France, about 25 kilometers from Paris and 9 kilometers from Charles de Gaulle Airport. The Palais des Congrès Paris, located between the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées, is a well-known congress center and concert location.

Paris is a large city, but it is part of a larger area with a population of 12.1 million people, 9.1 million guests to the major convention and exhibition centres, and 44.9 million tourists.

Parisians and commuters are a cosmopolitan and youthful society. Foreigners account for 13.4 percent of the total (Africa, Europe, Asia, Americas). People travel from all over the world to reside, learn, function, or visit here.

The population is extremely well-educated. Paris is home to 23.1 percent of all workers in France, as well as 35 percent of French executives. 39 percent of the working workforce is between the ages of 25 and 39, with 49 percent of women and 39.5 percent of university graduates with a foreign focus.

The Paris area is a global business center and Europe's top location for housing the world's top 500 corporate headquarters. The concentration of employment, the number of industry startups (8 to 10,000), and the number of profitable SMEs/SMIs all contribute to the city's economic dynamism. Paris accounts for 30.3 percent of France's GDP, which is comparable to the Netherlands. It has Europe's largest GDP and connections to 500 million users.

When it comes to potential investment, Paris is often referred to as a region of opportunity, power, and attractiveness.

All types of specialist businesses thrive in Paris, from insurance to vehicles, shipping, retail, aeronautics, services, and the food industry, among others, and with a healthy export rate (18.6% of France's exports) to several nations, with the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom becoming the top three allies.

From Randstad to Disney, Ikea to H&M, several international corporations have set up shop in the Paris region.

Science and development are two aspects of innovation.

With a gross investment of 19.802 billion euros, Paris and its area have the largest R&D spending in Europe!

About 4.300 participants, including 3.600 firms, are grouped in 9 competitiveness clusters (to promote synergies), who welcome over 4.300 members, including 3.600 companies in diverse sectors such as cosmetics, architecture, manufacturing, and mastery of dynamic structures, high-tech healthcare, aeronautics, digital transformation, sustainable cities, and so on.

Paris has 31 Nobel Prizes and 11 Field Awards to its name. It has a sizable number of prestigious schools and scientific institutes. Almost 5.000 international researchers (out of a total of 100.000) have settled in Paris, accounting for 46.5 percent of all foreign researchers in France. In the Paris area, nearly 500.000 scientific publications have been published, and 7.682 patents have been filed (highest number of high-tech patents filed). Anything in the breeze, perhaps!? It seems that Paris inspires a large variety of individuals with both outstanding concepts and prospects.

As a consequence, it is Western Europe's leading area for the development of start-ups.

Infrastructure and logistics are essential.

The Paris area has Europe's biggest business real estate portfolio. In terms of occupancy costs, Paris is twice as affordable as London, with plenty of business accommodation (53.1 million m2) and 5.6 million housing units.

There are also a plethora of job spaces ranging from coworking spaces to fablabs in a variety of locations, ranging from small authentic Parisian streets to ultra-modern business districts like La Defense (4th largest business district in the world).

Startup incubators and accelerators have over 130.000 m2 of capacity. In 2020, even more space will be open, including 34.000 m2 at Station F, the world's largest startup campus, which was created by French entrepreneur Xavier Niel.

If you choose to use path, waterway, or railway logistics, the Paris area has a considerable potential in logistics real estate (warehouses) at a very affordable cost with great access and facilities.

Exceptional company exhibits

Every year, the capital, which is consistently the first congress city in the world, hosts a plethora of exhibits, conferences, and trade shows. The Paris Motor Show (Mondial de l'Automobile), which takes place every two years, is the most famous in the world. The Paris Air Show Le Bourget is a world-class festival that aerospace experts and enthusiasts do not skip. The Fiac Art Fair, one of the most prominent art fairs in the country, blends the prestigious Grand Palais location with outdoor locations such as the Tuileries Gardens and Jardin des Plantes.

There are also avenues to persuade someone who hasn't yet fallen in love with Paris to do so. The most natural approach will be to praise its vibrant cultural culture, special way of life, and stunning streets. For several years, Paris has become such a fantasy destination that it is easy to overlook that it still has several more realistic properties, such as high job and economic dynamism, world-class science and creativity pools, and excellent infrastructures, all of which persuade many entrepreneurs to grow or establish a company there each year.

Let us have a thorough look into what Paris has to bring.

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